Thursday, September 18, 2008

Speakeasy (Hong Kong)

Speakeasy, also termed private kitchen in Hong Kong , is a term in modern Hong Kong referring to an unlicensed, restaurant-like establishment for eating. Some of the perceived problems with running a restaurant in Hong Kong—high rents and the common practice of landlords extracting profits from restaurants through clauses in s—have led to the establishment of this type of eatery. Owners also have the additional benefit that many government regulations concerning restaurants can be avoided.

A typical speakeasy will be based in an ordinary apartment in a block of flats. Customers gain access by ringing the bell before the door is opened from the inside. Inside, the flat will be set out as a simple restaurant. Usually, it provides not only quality home-made food and drink, but a sense of being at home. Advertising is usually by word of mouth—it's often not possible to have prominent signs outside to advertise the business' presence, as with a normal commercial establishment. Some speakeasies make it compulsory for patrons to phone ahead first to book. The quality of this kind of restaurant is highly dependent on the consistency in both the ingredients and the chef's talents. So, the quality over long periods of time cannot be guaranteed.

Notable speakeasies

*Professional Musicians Club
*Lips French Cuisine

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